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Dear AACN Conference Presenters,

We would like to thank Darcy Cox and Leslie Guidotti Breting for being the first conference presenters to submit all of their deliverables for the upcoming conference — CVs, handouts, pre-recorded video, and CE quiz questions. I would also like to thank Ida Sue Baron and Joel Morgan for finishing their recordings and submitting their CVs and handouts. 
The attached spreadsheet shows what I have received to date. Please find your name or workshop number(s) and confirm what I have received. 
Of course, this email would not be complete without some friendly reminders. 
1. The deadline for all conference content (pre-recorded videos, handouts, CE quiz questions, and your CV) is Friday, May 7. That’s two weeks from this Friday.
2. Those who requested student volunteer help with writing CE quiz questions should submit them after you have received them from the volunteers to review.
3. All recordings should be made using the AACN provided Zoom accounts. Please record to the cloud, not your local computer. 
4. All deliverables other than the videos should be submitted through the speaker information page (login required):
5. Those who requested student help for presentation recording should be hearing very soon (if not already) from the student(s) assigned to you.
6. Finally, please be sure that you have registered for the conference. If you are not an AACN member or affiliate, registering will provide you with an account that will let you access the speaker information page and conference resources. If your workshop will award CE credit, then your registration fee is waived in most cases (ask me or Lisa Ravdin if you’re not sure about this matter).
We now have more than 850 registered attendees eagerly awaiting your presentations! 

Dear AACN Conference Presenters,

Thank you to those who attended last week’s Zoom presentation training session and for the follow-up inquiries. We are pleased to announce two additional training sessions that our student co-coordinators, Celita Owens and Ann-Marie Raphail, will lead.
1. Monday, April 5 at 4:00 PM Eastern Time:
2. Saturday, April 10 at 4:00 PM Eastern Time:
To recap, nearly everyone alive these days has used Zoom and participated in Zoom meetings. However, there are additional considerations and steps involved in creating a recorded Zoom presentation. We want to make sure that all of you are up to speed and comfortable with what is required to produce these presentations. The training sessions are one way to receive live instruction and demonstration in these tasks. Other resources include the AACN Zoom Presentation Guide that we sent a few weeks ago and remains available for download on the speaker information page.
Please remember to take our quick (2-item) presenter survey by Friday, March 26 at 5:00 PM so that we have student volunteers available to assign to you if requested.
Please keep in mind we will need your recording and handout no later than May 7, 2021. This earlier than usual deadline is necessary in order to have the material available by May 26 as advertised.
We would also like to remind you that if you would like us to develop the required quiz questions necessary for CEs, we will need information (your handouts, content notes, or slides) from you no later than April 15, 2021 (3 weeks from now).

Dear Workshop Presenters,

We are preparing to begin the video recording of workshops via an AACN licensed professional version of Zoom.  For capturing your video for AACN conference workshops and events, use the AACN Zoom with login information found in the email sent to you.  Important:  Please do not use your own version of Zoom.  We are also offering assistance to you, if needed, to help you with video choreographing of your workshop. This may be particularly helpful if you have a number of presenters and plan to use slides or other visual aids during your presentation.  Please refer to our guide to recording in Zoom.

Please keep in mind we will need your recording and handout no later than May 7, 2021.  This earlier than usual deadline is necessary in order to have the material available by May 26 as advertised.

We would also like to remind you that if you would like us to develop the required quiz questions necessary for CEs, we will need information (your handouts, content notes, or slides) from you no later than April 15, 2021 (6 weeks from now).

Rob Davis continues to update Speaker Information page in order to provide you important information and deadlines. Please be sure to review this information frequently as we move closer to the upcoming deadlines.

Finally, if you have not done so already, please be sure to submit your most recent CV by uploading it on the Speaker’s Information page.

Thank you for your continued cooperation as move closer to the meeting.

Cheryl Luis and Rob Davis
Members of the AACN Conference Committee

Dear Workshop Presenters,

As you know, we have moved the AACN Annual Conference for 2021 to a virtual format.  This endeavor continues to be a learning curve with ongoing discoveries that need to be addressed. With that said, we have recently learned that the virtual format is considered by APA to be akin to a home study and, as such, CEs require quizzes to test attendees’ knowledge of the material.  The Conference Committee understands the challenges our workshop presenters are facing with the need to record their workshops prior to the meeting (Rob Davis will be sending you information on how to accomplish this.) We do not wish to burden you with the additional task of development of quizzes; therefore, we have asked our student volunteers to do this for you.  This will, however, require you to send in your handouts, content notes, or slides in advance (no later than 4/15).  If you opt not to use the students or you miss this deadline, you will be required to develop your own quiz questions (6 questions per CE hour), and we understand some of you would prefer this.  Even if you utilize the student volunteers, you will be asked to review for accuracy and content the material they prepare.

Rob Davis has added this speaker information page that provides important information and deadlines, including material on how to develop quizzes if you chose to do this yourself.

Finally, we have also recently learned that APA requires we collect and maintain the CVs for all workshop presenters, so please at your earliest convenience upload your most recent CV to the speaker information page.

Your cooperation and ongoing patience is truly appreciated.

Cheryl Luis, Rob Davis, and Mary-Ellen Meadows
Members of the AACN Conference Committee

Either approach is fine. The best approach will depend partly on logistics and partly on presenter preferences. 

Logistically, it may be hard to get all presenters together at the same time if they are in different time zones. On the other hand, getting everyone together at once also facilitates practice and may make it easier to ensure that each part is done as intended.

From a presentation flow point of view, it will look fine for each presenter to record his/her portion individually. We will merge the videos post hoc in the order that you prefer. On the other hand, some presenter groups may want to interact during the recording (e.g., ask one another questions or discuss different points of view). For presentations envisioned in a more interactive style, having everyone record together as a group will be most conducive toward that end.

No, it is optional. You may use whatever background you want. We simply wanted to have one available for those wanting to use the conference theme (blue sky, sun, summertime, hope in a soon-to-be post-COVID-19 world, etc.).

Yes, but this only works if you use a second screen (which functions in a manner like a projector would at an in-person conference). For example, the following setup would be ideal.

1. Connect your laptop to an external monitor. Use your laptop’s screen as your primary one with the presentation in presenter view. You will be able to look at your notes that way while looking at your laptop’s webcam, which will make it seem like you’re talking to the audience. 
2. Use the external monitor for the slide show (non-presenter view). When you’re ready to record in Zoom, share your screen and select the window being shown in the external monitor.
Or, if you’re using a desktop, you could do the same thing but would need to be connected to two monitors (since the desktop won’t have a built-in one unless it is an all-in-one model, such as an iMac). Be sure to place your webcam on the monitor showing your slides in presenter view so that your gaze will be directed toward the audience.

All workshops will be prerecorded as described in the Instructions for Recording in Zoom. It is not necessary to add breaks since the presenters may pause the recording if they need a break, and the viewers may do the same thing.

  • Workshops for 3 CE credits may last up to three hours. The total recording length should be a minimum of two hours and 40 minutes. 
  • Workshops for 1.5 CE credits may last up to 90 minutes. The total recording should be a minimum of 80 minutes.
  • Workshops for 1 CE credit may last up to 60 minutes. The total recording should be a minimum of 55 minutes.

There will also be a live Q&A period lasting 30 minutes per presentation during the traditional days of the conference (June 9-12, 2021). Please see the live Q&A agenda for your slot. The live Q&A portion will allow you to interact with attendees but will not count toward the CE requirements for your workshop.

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