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The Test of Memory Malingering 2 (TOMM 2) is a revision of the widely utilized performance validity test (PVT), the Test of Memory Malingering (TOMM). While large-scale data collection and analysis are ongoing, this independent pilot study was conducted to provide preliminary information regarding specificity rates of the revised PVT in a clinical sample. Subjects were 19 adult outpatients who passed criterion PVTs and who were administered a pre-release version of the TOMM 2. Primary diagnoses of patients included neurologic injury/disease (42%), anxiety disorders/PTSD (26%), depressive disorders (16%), and neurodevelopmental disorders (16%). Cutoffs developed for the original TOMM were applied to the TOMM 2 to examine for consistency of findings. Specificity was ≥90% across the following TOMM 2 indices: the first 10 items of Trial 1, Trial 1, Trial 2, Retention, and the Albany Consistency Index. The Invalid Forgetting Frequency Index cutoff, however, had to be increased by one point to maintain a specificity rate of 90% or above in the current study. These results provide initial evidence that the TOMM 2 is generally as specific as the original TOMM when used as a PVT with clinical patients.

First AuthorKameron Sheikh
Second AuthorRyan W. Schroeder