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With recent emphases on using video telecommunication technology (VTCT) for telehealth appointments, there has been an influx of research regarding the validity of remote neuropsychological assessment (NPA). However, there is very little research into patients’ confidence and satisfaction with NPA using VTCT. In this study, 35 older adults (age 65+; M = 73.91; 22 Female, 13 Male) showing no or minimal signs of cognitive decline completed a 30-minute intake interview and 60 minutes of NPA. They were then given a 10-question, 4-point Likert-scale survey to report their impressions. 97.14% of participants reported they felt they were able to effectively communicate their health information during the intake interview. Overall confidence in communication during remote NPA was high (92.5%; M=7.40, SD=0.78). Overall confidence that participant performance on remotely administered assessments accurately represented their cognitive functioning was also high (86.2%; M=10.34, SD=1.16). Patient attitudes towards sharing personal information and familiarity with VTCT (i.e., Zoom, Facetime) revealed highly positive overall attitudes towards remote NPA using VTCT for telehealth purposes (85.5%; M=10.26, SD=1.15). Overall attitudes towards VCTC were positive (85.4%; M=34.17, SD=3.11). Findings suggest older adults are comfortable using VTCT for remote neuropsychological assessment and have a high rate of confidence in the obtained results.

First AuthorRobert W Kessler
Second AuthorKait Morgan
Third AuthorKera Larson
Fourth AuthorLydia Marvin
Fifth AuthorMarissa Lange
Sixth AuthorKatherine Carlson
Seventh AuthorFreeman Chakara