Workshops 21-30

21. The Road to Relevance Part II: A Strategic Plan for the Future

Anthony Y. Stringer, PhD, ABPP, Brad Roper, PhD, ABPP, Farzin Irani, PhD, ABPP, Ryan Van Patten, PhD, & John Bellone, PhD, ABPP

3 CEs

Guilford Press

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Congratulations to Guilford author Dr. Jacobus Donders, winner of the Distinguished Neuropsychologist Award!
Carly DaSilva
Exhibits and Sales Coordinator

22. Avoiding, Responding to, and Making Formal Ethics Complaints

Timothy A. Crowell, PsyD, ABN & Leslie D. Rosenstein, PhD, ABPP

3 CEs

23. Staying Up to Date: An Analysis and Review of the Recently Published Malingering and Validity Assessment Literature Base

Ryan W. Schroeder, PsyD, ABPP

3 CEs

24. Preparing for the ABPP Board Certification Examination in Clinical Neuropsychology: Everything You Wanted to Know but Didn't Know Who to Ask - Oral Examination and the Practice Sample Defense (Session 2 of 3)

Anthony Y. Stringer, PhD, ABPP, Julie Bobholz, PhD, ABPP,
& Rodney Vanderploeg, PhD, ABPP

3 CEs

25. Ten Reasons Why COVID-19 Educational Disruption is an Urgent Concern for Neuropsychologists

Molly Colvin, PhD, ABPP, Jennifer Reesman, PhD, ABPP, & Tannahill Glen, PsyD, ABPP

3 CEs

26. AACN Special Topic - Challenges and Opportunities: How AACN Evolved, Met Past Challenges, and is Preparing for the Future

Linas Bieliauskas, PhD, ABPP, Bernice Marcopulos, PhD, ABPP, Anthony Stringer, PhD, ABPP, & Dean Beebe, PhD, ABPP

1.5 CEs

29. Forensic Grand Rounds: Practical Considerations in the Evaluation of Non-Native English Speakers

Farzin Irani, PhD, ABPP, Adriana M. Strutt, PhD, ABPP & Karim Z. Yamout, PsyD, ABPP

3 CEs

30. Neuropsychology Decision Making: Avoiding Medical Errors and Ethics of New Practice Frontiers

Mike R. Schoenberg PhD, ABPP, Doug Johnson-Greene, PhD, ABPP,
& Corwin Boake, PhD, ABPP

3 CEs