Discriminating Among ADHD Alone, ADHD With a Comorbid Psychological Disorder, and Feigned ADHD in a College Sample

Learning Objectives:

1. Increased awareness of the likelihood of feigned presentations in college students seeking ADHD diagnoses for accommodations and medication referrals.

2. Knowledge of the usefulness of Performance Validity Tests in detection of feigning in college students undergoing evaluations for ADHD in compensation-seeking circumstances (broadly defined).

Williamson, K. D., Combs, H. L., Berry, D. T., Harp, J. P., Mason, L. H., & Edmundson, M. (2014). Discriminating among ADHD alone, ADHD with a comorbid psychological disorder, and feigned ADHD in a college sample. The Clinical Neuropsychologist28(7), 1182-1196.

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