TCN Paper Competition

Learn about The Clinical Neuropsychologist (TCN) and the AACN Student Paper Competition.

TCN Student Paper Competition Winners


First Place ($1,000 award): Damian Leitner

Leitner, Damian; Miller, Harry; & Libben, Maya (2019). Assessing the Predictive Value of a Neuropsychological Model on Concurrent Function in Acute Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, Vol 33 (5).

Runners Up ($500 award): Erin Trifilio and Daniel van Helvoort

Trifilio, Erin; Tanner, Jared; Butterfield, London; Mangal, Paul; Maye, Jacqueline; Marsiske, Michael; Price, Catherine; & Bowers, Dawn (2019). A Tale of Two Stories: Validity of an Alternative Story Memory Test in a Sample of Older Adults. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, Vol 33.

van Helvoort, Daniel; Merckelbach, Harald; & Merten, Thomas (2019). The Self-Report Symptom Inventory (SRSI) is Sensitive to Instructed Feigning, but not to Genuine Psychopathology in Male Forensic Inpatients: An Initial Study. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, Vol 33.


First Place ($1,000 award): Robert Kanser

Kanser, R., Rapport, L., Bashem, J., & Hanks, R. (2018). Detecting Malingering in Traumatic Brain Injury: Combining Response Time with Performance Validity Test Accuracy. The Clinical Neuropsychologist. Published on line ahead of print.

Runners Up ($500 award): Justin Karr and Dana Rosado

Karr, J., Garcia-Barrera, M., Holdnack, J., & Iverson, G. (2018). Advanced Clinical Interpretation of the Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System: Multivariate Base Rates of Low Scores. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 32 (1), 42-53.

Rosado, D., Buehler, S., Botbol-Berman, E., Feigon, M., Leon, A., Luu, H., Carrion, C., Gonzales, M., Rao, J., Grief, T., Seidenberg, M., & Pliskin, N. (2018). Neuropsychological Feedback Services Improve Quality of Life and Social Adjustment. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 32 (3), 422-435.


First Place ($1,000 award): Elizabeth Gromisch (pictured above with Drs. Yana Suchy and Douglas Whiteside)

Gromisch, Elizabeth S.; Zemon, Vance; Holtzer, Roee; Chiaravalloti, Nancy D.; DeLuca, John; Beier, Meghan; Farrell, Eileen; Snyder, Stacey; Schairer, Laura C.; Glukhovsky, Lisa; Botvinick, Jason; Sloan, Jessica; Picone, Mary A.; Kin, Sonya & Foley, Frederick W. (2016). Assessing the criterion validity of four highly abbreviated measures from the Minimal Assessment of Cognitive Function in Multiple Sclerosis (MACFIMS). The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 30(7), 1032–1049.

Runners Up ($500 award): Robert Kanser and Paul Ingram

Kanser, Robert J; Rapport, Lisa; Bashem, Jesse R.; Billing, Nia M.; Hanks, Robin A.; Axelrod, Bradley N. & Miller, Justin B. (2017). Strategies of successful and unsuccessful simulators coached to feign traumatic brain injury The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 31(3), 644–653.

Ingram, Paul B. & Ternes, Michael S. (2016). The detection of content-based invalid responding: a meta-analysis of the MMPI-2-Restructured Form’s (MMPI-2-RF) over-reporting validity scales. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 30(4), 473–496.


First place ($1,000 award): Phillip Martin

Martin, P. K., Schroeder, R. W., & Odland, A. P. (2015). Neuropsychologists’ validity testing beliefs and practices: A survey of North American professionals. The Clinical Neuropsychologist29(6), 741-776.

Runners up ($500 award): David Sheppard and Jacob Lafo

Sheppard, D. P., Woods, S. P., Bondi, M. W., Gilbert, P. E., Massman, P. J., & Doyle, K. L. (2015). Does Older Age Confer an Increased Risk of Incident Neurocognitive Disorders Among Persons Living with HIV Disease?. The Clinical Neuropsychologist29(5), 656-677.

Lafo, J. A., Jones, J. D., Okun, M. S., Bauer, R. M., Price, C. C., & Bowers, D. (2015). Memory Similarities Between Essential Tremor and Parkinson’s Disease: A Final Common Pathway? The Clinical Neuropsychologist29(7), 985-1001.