TCN Paper Competition

The Clinical Neuropsychologist (TCN) and the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology (AACN) are continuing to jointly sponsor the yearly competition for the best scholarly manuscript based on a student project.  The prizes are $1,000 for the first-prize winner and $500 each for two runner-ups.  The winners for each given year are announced at the Annual AACN meeting, on the TCN Facebook page, and in Issue 4 of the journal.

DEADLINE: The yearly cycle of the contest runs from February 16 of one calendar year to February 15 of the subsequent calendar year.  This means that only manuscripts that are accepted for publication between February 16 and February 15 of a given contest cycle will be considered for an award in that cycle.  However, there is no deadline for submission of a manuscript.  In other words, any manuscript that is accepted for publication within a given cycle is eligible for the contest within that cycle, regardless of the submission date.

TO ENTER: Simply submit your manuscript to TCN and indicate in the submission portal (ScholarOne) that you want your manuscript considered for the TCN/AACN Student Project Contest.


  • Student contestant must be the first author, as well as the corresponding author, in the ScholarOne submission portal. It is not required that the student be listed as the corresponding author in the author note.  It is encouraged (but not mandatory) that faculty advisors co-author the manuscript.
  • At the time of the initial submission, student contestant must EITHER still have a student status (graduate or undergraduate), OR must be no more than 1 year past earning doctoral degree, OR must be in the process of applying to graduate school in psychology. Winners will be required to provide documentation proving their student status.
  • Manuscripts must be consistent with the Aims and Scope of TCN:
  • Manuscripts must follow TCN submission guidelines and format.
  • Authors must indicate that their submission is a competition entry by checking the appropriate box during the electronic submission process (i.e., answering “yes” to the question “Is this submission eligible for the TCN/AACN Student Project Contest?”).
  • Original research, meta-analyses, critical reviews, systematic reviews, and case studies are all eligible.

SELECTION CRITERIA: Only manuscripts that have successfully undergone the regular peer-review process and have been accepted for publication in TCN can be selected as winners.  Following the successful peer-review process, eligible articles will be reviewed by the AACN Student Affairs Committee (SAC) and judged based on the fit with the following criteria:

  • The topic of the manuscript is timely and important.
  • Manuscript clearly articulates (in the introduction and the discussion, as appropriate) its clinical relevance and its contribution to evidence-based practice.
  • Relevant literature is reviewed in appropriate depth and breadth.
  • The employed method and statistical analyses are particularly rigorous, innovative, parsimonious, elegant, or otherwise notable.
  • Manuscript has the potential to have direct impact on clinical practice.
  • During the review process, the author was responsive and thorough when addressing reviewer suggestions.

Please direct questions to Dr. Yana Suchy, TCN Editor-in-Chief (

For additional information about the journal, go to

We are now partnering with the Pediatric Subspecialty Interest Group to administer the same program for Child Neuropsychology. The new program has new funding for 3 awards (1 winner, 2 runners up) and has begun accepting submissions. Students may apply for this award when submitting the manuscript to CN though the ScholarOne portal and selecting the appropriate box during the submission process.