Relevance 2050 Webinar Series

Meeting Requirements for Houston Conference Guidelines & Board Certification in Clinical Neuropsychology via ABPP/ABCN

The American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology’s (AACNRelevance 2050 Initiative’s Student Pipeline Subcommittee (SPS) and the Board Certification Promotion (BCP) Committee in collaboration with the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology (ABCN), are proud to announce a webinar series geared towards promoting early education on board certification in clinical neuropsychology via the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP). Importantly, this webinar series is not meant to replace current AACN/ABCN workshops or study materials, but rather to complement them.

Preparing for Practice Samples Dr. Laura Flashman
November 2, 2022

Board Certification for Canadian Trainees and Professionals Dr. Ronak Patel
September 29, 2021

Navigating the ABCN Written Exam Dr. John Lucas
March 2, 2021

Perceived Barriers to Board Certification
and How to Overcome Them
Dr. Kira Armstrong, Dr. Amanda Gooding, and Dr. Anthony Stringer
September 3, 2020

Putting Together Your Application and Credential Review for Board Certification Dr. Kathleen Fuchs
June 25, 2019

Meeting Requirements for Houston Conference Guidelines and Board Certification Dr. Bernice Marcopulos
August 8, 2018