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The neuropsychological presentation of women with epilepsy: clinical considerations and future directions2023
Huntington Study Group’s Neuropsychology Working Group Position on Best Practice Recommendations for the Clinical Neuropsychological Evaluation of Patients with Huntington Disease2023
Clinical Recommendations for Conducting Pediatric Functional Language and Memory Mapping during the Phase I Epilepsy Presurgical Workup2023
Neuropsychological Evaluation of Functional Cognitive Disorder: A Narrative Review2023
Protecting the assessor: sexual harassment in neuropsychology and related training issues2023
Effectiveness of virtual reality-based neuropsychological interventions in improving cognitive functioning in patients with mild cognitive impairment: A systematic review and meta-analysis2022
TCN LGBTQ+ Survey Study2022
American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology (AACN) 2021 consensus statement on validity assessment: Update of the 2009 AACN consensus conference statement on neuropsychological assessment of effort, response bias, and malingering2021
Deception is Different: Negative Validity Test Findings Do Not Provide “Evidence” for “Good Effort”2020
InterOrganizational Practice Committee Recommendations/Guidance for Teleneuropsychology (TeleNP) in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic2020
American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology Consensus Conference Statement on Uniform Labeling of Performance Test Scores2020
The other face of illness-deception: Diagnostic criteria for factitious disorder with proposed standards for clinical practice and research2019
Survey research in neuropsychology: A systematic review2019
Limb apraxia profiles in different clinical samples2019
Survey methods for neuropsychologists: A review of typical methodological pitfalls and suggested solutions2019
Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Fourth Edition Digit Span Performance in Subjective Cognitive Complaints, Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment, and Probable Dementia of the Alzheimer Type2019
Conducting neuropsychological assessment with transgender individuals2018
Developing a cultural context for conducting a neuropsychological evaluation with a culturally diverse client: the ECLECTIC framework2018
Performance validity testing in neuropsychology: a clinical guide, critical review, and update on a rapidly evolving literature2017
Determination of the smoking gun of intent: significance testing of forced choice results in social security claimants2017
The statistical crisis in science: how is it relevant to clinical neuropsychology?2017
The effect of stereotype threat on older people’s clinical cognitive outcomes: investigating the moderating role of dementia worry2017
Assessing social cognition: Age-related changes in moral reasoning in childhood and adolescence2017
Associations among parent–child relationships and cognitive and language outcomes in a clinical sample of preschool children2017
Practice effects and longitudinal cognitive change in clinically normal older adults differ by Alzheimer imaging biomarker status2017
Naturalistic tasks performed in realistic environments: a review with implications for neuropsychological assessment2017
Education, training and practice of clinical neuropsychologists in the United States of America2016
Interpreting change on the neurobehavioral symptom inventory and the PTSD checklist in military personnel2016
Expert beliefs and practices regarding neuropsychological validity testing2016
The Relative Utility of Three English Language Dominance Measures in Predicting the Neuropsychological Performance of HIV+ Bilingual Latino/a Adults2016
Effects of screening for postconcussive syndrome (PCS) on PCS symptom self-report and neuropsychological test performance2016
Anti-N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Encephalitis: A Review and Neuropsychological Case Study2016
Official Position of the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology (AACN): Guidelines for Practicum Training in Clinical Neuropsychology2015
Neuropsychologists' Validity Testing Beliefs and Practices: A Survey of North American Professionals2015
Neuropsychological Findings in a Case of Punding Before and After Cessation of Pramipexole2015
Utility of the Standardized Assessment of Concussion (SAC) to detect insufficient effort in independent medical examinations and civil litigation cases2015
Integrating Neuropsychology and Brain Imaging for a Referral of Possible Pseudodementia: A Case Report2015
Differences in Parent and Teacher Rating of Everyday Executive Function in Pediatric Brain Tumor Survivors2014
Discriminating Among ADHD Alone, ADHD With a Comorbid Psychological Disorder, and Feigned ADHD in a College Sample2014
Effects of Severity of Dementia on a Symptom Validity Measure2014
Dementia does not Preclude Very Reliable Responding on the MMPI-2 RF: A Case Report2014
Supervision in Neuropsychological Assessment: A Survey of Training, Practices, and Perspectives of Supervisors2014
Evidence of Neuropsychological Dysfunction in Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis: Case Report2014
Inadequate Effort on Neuropsychological Evaluation is Associated With Increased Healthcare Utilization2014
Evaluating Research for Clinical Significance: Using Critically Appraised Topics to Enhance Evidence-based Neuropsychology2014
An Examination of the Frequency of Invalid Forgetting on the Test of Memory Malingering2014
360 Degree Advocacy: A Model for High Impact Advocacy in a Rapidly Changing Healthcare Marketplace2014
Examination of Performance Validity Test Failure in Relation to Number of Tests Administered2014
Incremental Validity of Neuropsychological Assessment in the Identification and Treatment of Youth with ADHD2014
PTSD and Cognitive Functioning: Importance of Including Performance Validity Testing2014
Assessing Effort: Differentiating Performance and Symptom Validity2013
Practice Effects and Longitudinal Cognitive Change in Normal Aging vs. Incident Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia in the Mayo Clinic Study of Aging2013
The Robust Reliability of Neuropsychological Measures: Meta-Analyses of Test-Retest Correlations2013
Effectiveness of the Comalli Stroop Test as a Measure of Negative Response Bias2013
Neuropsychological Effects of Self-Reported Deployment-Related Mild TBI and Current PTSD in OIF/OEF Veterans2013
The Effect of Varying Diagnostic Terminology Within Patient Discharge Information on Expected Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Outcome2013
Verbal Episodic Memory Impairment in Schizophrenia: A Comparison with Frontal Lobe Lesion Patients2013
Incremental Validity of Neuropsychological Evaluations to Computed Tomography in Predicting Long-Term Outcomes after Traumatic Brain Injury2013
Postconcussive Symptom Complaints and Potentially Malleable Positive Predictors2013
Association Between the MMPI-2 Restructured Form (MMPI-2-RF) and Malingered Neurocognitive Dysfunction Among Non-Head Injury Disability Claimants2013
Longitudinal neuropsychological findings in amyloid beta-related angiitis: A case report2013
Risk Factor Assessment for Problematic Use of Opioids for Chronic Pain2013
Symptom Validity Testing in Medically Unexplained Pain: A Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome Type 1 Case Series2013
Defining Neurocognitive Impairment in HIV: Deficit Scores Versus Clinical Ratings2012
Neuropsychologists' Beliefs About Alcohol and Dementia2012
Performance validity and neuropsychological outcomes in litigants and disability claimants2012
Scoring higher the second time around: Meta-analyses of practice effects in neuropsychological assessment2012
Validation of the Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status - Effort Index in a Veteran sample2012
Does a Third Party Observer Affect Neuropsychological Test Performance? It Depends.2012
Parsimonious Estimation of the Wechsler Memory Scale, Fourth Edition Demographically Adjusted Index Scores: Immediate and Delayed Memory2012
Poor sleep quality diminishes cognitive functioning independent of depression and anxiety in healthy young adults2012
The 'Miserable Minority' Following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Who Are They and Do Meta-Analyses Hide Them?2012
Neurocognitive decline in Alexander Disease2011
Rates of Apparently Abnormal MMPI-2 Profiles in the Normal Population2011
The role of neuropsychological evaluation in pediatric sickle cell disease2011
Know thyself: Real-world behavioral correlates of self-appraisal accuracy2011
Symptom complaints following reports of blast vs. non-blast TBI: Does mechanism of injury matter?2011
What about inhibition in the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test?2011
Review of five instruments for the assessment of Asperger's disorder in adults2011
Verbal Fluency in Spanish-Speaking Children: Analysis Model According to Task Type, Clustering and Switching Strategies and Performance over Time2011
Depression, cognition, and self-appraisal of functional abilities in HIV: An examination of subjective appraisal versus objective performance2011
Executive functioning, motor programming, and functional independence: Accounting for variance, people, and time2011
Simulated dyslexia in postsecondary students: Description and detection using embedded validity indicators2011
Embedded effort indicators on the California Verbal Learning Test-Second Edition: An attempted cross-validation2011
Relative Subtest Scatter in the WAIS-IV Standardization Sample2011