Child Neuropsychology

Online access to Child Neuropsychology is available for members and affiliates who have paid annual dues. This access includes all published volumes back to 1995 and all pre-publication articles. Continuing education (CE) credit is available for reading select articles in CNY and then passing an online quiz. Click here to learn more.

The purposes of Child Neuropsychology are to publish research on (1) the neuropsychological effects of disorders which affect brain functioning in children and adolescents, (2) the neuropsychological dimensions of development in childhood and adolescence, and (3) to promote the integration of theory, method and research findings in child/developmental neuropsychology.

The primary emphasis of Child Neuropsychology is to publish original empirical research. Theoretical and methodological papers and theoretically relevant case studies are welcome. Critical reviews of topics pertinent to child/developmental neuropsychology are encouraged.

Emphases of interest include the following: information processing mechanisms; the impact of injury or disease on neuropsychological functioning; behavioral cognitive and pharmacological approaches to treatment/intervention; psychosocial correlates of neuropsychological dysfunction; definitive normative, reliability, and validity studies of psychometric and other procedures used in the neuropsychological assessment of children and adolescents. Articles on both normal and dysfunctional development that are relevant to the aforementioned dimensions are welcome. Multiple approaches (e.g., basic, applied, clinical) and multiple methodologies (e.g., cross-sectional, longitudinal, experimental, multivariate, correlational) are appropriate. Books, media, and software reviews will be published.