Continuing Education

The American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology is pleased to offer continuing education credit to those who read select journal articles or books and then pass a quiz on this website. Eligible articles may be found in its two official journals, The Clinical Neuropsychologist and Child Neuropsychology. Eligible books include those through its partnerships with Oxford University Press and Psychology Press. Before using this site, one should first obtain and read the journal article or book of interest. AACN members and affiliates may access TCN and CNY articles through this web site. Access to both journals is included with membership. Books may be purchased through one’s preferred retailer. A limited number of free articles are available.

After reading each article or book, simply purchase access to the quiz that corresponds to it. For more information on how to take quizzes, accepted forms of payment, and help for technical glitches, please see our frequently asked questions page.

To earn CE credit for all quizzes, one must score 80% or better. After earning a passing score, one will be provided with a link to view and print a CE certificate. The cost to take a CE quiz is $15 per CE credit for AACN members and affiliates, or $20 per CE credit for non-affiliates. This reflects a 25% discount for AACN members and affiliates. AACN members and affiliates must enter the current discount code to obtain this savings.

The easiest way to locate an article or book on a topic of interest is to use the search box. In it, you may enter a key term (e.g., epilepsy, ADHD, or effort), author’s name (e.g., Boone or Larrabee), or both. If you already know the title of a CE eligible article or book, you may cut and paste it into the search box to find its associated quiz. You may also use the menu that breaks down the quizzes by source (journal name or book series) and year of publication if you prefer.