Committees and Special Interest Groups

AACN is fortunate to have several committees dedicated to supporting its health, growth, and mission. The chairperson(s) of each committee is/are pictured.

Awards Committee

Brett Parmenter and Stephanie Towns, Co-Chairs

Charter: Monitors all AACN awards and collaborates with other committees administering awards. The committee is responsible for direct administration of the Distinguished Neuropsychologist Award, Leadership Awards, Outstanding Mentorship Award, and coordination and overseeing logistics of other awards including poster awards.

Board Certification Promotion

Joette James and Emily MacKillop, Co-Chairs

Charter: Engenders awareness of the ABCN board certification process within upcoming and current neuropsychologists; promotes the benefits of board certification within professional neuropsychology and instills motivation to follow through with the board certification process.


Board of Directors Orientation

Jennifer Cass, Chair

Charter: Develops and implements orientation training activities for all newly elected members of the Board of Directors and student representatives to the BOD; facilitates integration of newly elected Board members into standing and ad hoc committees.


Be Ready for ABPP in Neuropsychology (BRAIN)

Eric Waldron, Chair

Charter: Develops and maintains mechanisms (e.g., list serve, website, study materials, study groups) to support neuropsychologists who are pursuing ABCN Diplomate status.



Nicholas Jasinski, Chair

Charter: Reviews, revises and updates Academy Bylaws and maintains them in a condition that accurately reflects the needs, goals, and services of the Academy.


Conflict of Interest

Brandon Baughman, Chair

Charter: Establishes policies of the Academy with respect to conflicts of interest, reviews member allegations that involve conflicts of interest, makes recommendations for enforcement of conflict of interest policies, and maintains records of actions taken regarding conflicts of interest.

Convention Management

Jennifer Cass, Chair

Charter: Develops and recommends policies for structure, format and operation of annual conference; recommends meeting sites to Board of Directors; coordinates planning with Academy staff. Collaborates with other committees around conference programming and operations.


Disruptive Technology

Robert Bilder, Chair

Charter: Aims to advance education and practice models to prepare neuropsychologists to embrace engineering, coding, and biotech, and to re-imagine assessment and intervention to consider ubiquitous technologies, big data, and other innovations with the potential to disrupt current models.

Early Career Committee

Ciaran Considine (Chair) and Amanda Wisinger (Co-Chair)

Charter: Early career is defined as any AACN member who is within 10 years of completion of a two-year neuropsychology post-doctoral fellowship. Aims to advance the goals and needs of early career professionals. Identifies ways in which AACN may improve its service, increase access to career resources and potential professional service experience, career opportunities, and recognize the unique professional needs of individuals within this career group.



Julie Janecek, Chair

Charter: Develops and maintains an effective educational program for the annual conference of the Academy; develops recommendations and monitors activities related to other educational issues of importance to the Academy. The Education Committee will include the Program and Section Chairs for the Annual Conference, the Continuing Education Chair, and the Scientific Poster Session Co-Chairs.


Continuing Education Subcommittee

Anita Sim, Chair

Electronic Communications Committee

Darcy Cox, Chair

Charter: Monitors and helps to manage electronic communication forums by Academy members.

Forensic Neuropsychology Special Interest Group

Joel Morgan and Nancy Hebben, Co-Chairs



Dean Beebe, Chair

Charter: Nominates a slate of Board of Directors members consistent with Academy Bylaws for election as allowed by the voting members of the Academy.


Pediatric Subspecialty Interest Group

Marsha Vasserman, Chair

Charter: The Pediatric SIG is particularly focused on the interests of pediatric, child-clinical, and lifespan developmental neuropsychologists, as well as the children they see.


Practice and Public Policy

Mark Barisa, Chair

Charter: Monitors and addresses issues related to the professional practice of neuropsychology, including models of practice; billing/coding/reimbursement for neuropsychological services; scope of practice issues; and federal and state legislative and regulatory concerns. The committee keeps the board advised of relevant issues and makes recommendations regarding possible courses of action, including advocacy. Additionally, the committee chair works in concert with the AACN representative to the Inter Organizational Practice Committee for issues related to broader discipline.

Joy Clark

Public and Professional Information

Joy Clark, Chair

Charter: Recommends and develops procedures and policies for the Academy to maintain public relations activities. Develops processes and content whereby consumers of neuropsychological services (e.g., individuals, colleagues, medical, educational, governmental providers) can access state-of-the-art information regarding clinical neuropsychology.



Kirk Stucky, Chair

Charter: Develops recommendations for maintenance and expansion of the Academy’s publication interests. The Publications Committee manages the process by which information becomes an official statement or position of the Academy.


Relevance 2050

Anthony Stringer, Chair

Charter: Encourages and facilitates discussion and adoption of issues concerning diversity involving the Academy.

Alissa Butts_Academic Profile image

Student Affairs

Alissa Butts, Chair

Charter: Promotes initiatives and activities to encourage involvement of students and in training members in Academy activities; oversees student-focused events at the Academy’s Annual Conference.