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The US contracted foreign nationals from the Balkans for services during Operation Enduring Freedom. Under the Defense Base Act (DBA), these individuals are eligible to file work-injury claims, which provide them 67% of their war zone earnings. These claims have increased as workers return to their homeland. There exists few validity measures appropriate for use in medicolegal cases in this region. Luis et al have reported data from a collaboration with the University of Pristina examining self-report psychological measures and a symptom validity measure (ATR) in classifying PTSD versus feigned PTSD. Data indicated that elevated scores on the ATR was a useful indicator of non-credible reporting of PTSD. The study also explored the usefulness of the IST, which was developed by this author to assess the over-endorsement of physiologically-improbable signs as an indicator of disingenuous reporting. This current study examines further the IST, in relation to the ATR, from three Balkan countries as a method for measurement of the validity of DBA claimant’s report of PTSD. Descriptive and inferential statistics including ROC analysis to identify optimal cut-off scores were performed. Findings support the use of the IST in differentiating credible versus non-credible reporting of PTSD in this population.

First AuthorCheryl A. Luis