Student Award Winners

Child Neuropsychology Student Paper Awardees


First place winner ($1000 award): Shyfuddin Ahmed

Effect of exposure to maternal diabetes during pregnancy on offspring’s brain cortical thickness and neurocognitive functioning – Shyfuddin Ahmed, Miguel Ángel Cano, Marian Sánchez, Nan Hu & Gladys Ibañez.

Runners-up ($500 award): Sophie Leib and Adam John Privitera

Latent structure of working memory and emotional regulation in pediatric ADHD – Sophie Leib, Steven Miller & Ester Chin.

Inhibitory control as Significant Predictor of Academic Performance in Chinese High Schoolers – Adam John Privitera, Yu Zhou & Xiaoyi Xie.

TCN Student Project Competition Winners


First place winner ($1000 award): I. Aviv

Aviv, I., Shorer, M., Fenning, S., Aviezer, H., Singer-Rarel, D, Apter, A., & Pilowsky Peleg, T. (2023). From Acute Stress to Persistent Post-Concussion Symptoms: The Role of Parental Accommodations and Child’s Coping Strategies.

Runners-up ($500 award): M.R. Whitman and M. Gereau Mora

Whitman, M.R., Gervais, R.O., Ben-Porath, Y.S. (2023). Virtuous Victims: Disability Claimants Who Over- and Under-report.

Gereau Mora, M. & Suchy, Y. (2023). Know Thyself: Executive Functioning and Sex Predict Self-appraisal of Functional Abilities in Community-dwelling Older Adults.


First place winner ($1000 award): Jennifer Thompson

Thompson, Jennifer L.; Beltran-Najera, Ilex; Johnson, Briana; Morales, Yenifer; & Woods, Steven Paul. (2022). Evidence for neuropsychological health disparities in Black Americans with HIV disease. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, Vol 36 (2), 388-413.

Runners-up ($500 award): Rachel Greene and Jordan Stiver

Greene, Rachel K.; Vasile, Iulia; Bradbury, Kathryn R.; Olsen, Aarika; & Duvall, Susanne W. (2022). Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS-2) elevations in a clinical sample of children and adolescents who do not have autism: Phenotypic profiles of false positives. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, published online ahead of print.

Stiver, Jordan; Staffaroni, Adam M.; Walters, Samantha M.; You, Michelle Y.; Casaletto, Kaitlin B.; Erlhoff, Sabrina J.; Possin, Katherine L.; Lukic, Sladjana; Le Joie, Renaud; Rabinovici, Gil D.; Zimmerman, Molly E.; Gorno-Tempini, Maria Luisa; & Kramer, Joel H. (2022). The Rapid Naming Test: Development and initial validation in typically aging adults. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, published online ahead of print.


First place winner ($1000 award):

Marra, David; Hamlet, Kristin, Bauer, Russell, & Bowers, Dawn (2020). Validity of Teleneuropsychology for Older Adults in Response to COVID-19: A systematic and Critical Review. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, Vol 34 (7-8), 1411-1452.

Runner-ups ($500 award):

Guayara-Quinn, Crystal; Nester, Caroline, Katz, Mindy; Tuberville, David; Saykin, Andrew; Lipton, Richard, & Rabin, Laura (2021). Re-evaluation of psychometric evidence and update of normative data for the Test of Practical Judgment. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, in press.

Ratajska, Adrianna; Lopez, Francesca; Lauren, Kenney; Jacobson, Charles; Foote, Kelly; Okun, Michael; Bowers, Dawn (2021). Cognitive Subtypes in Individuals with Essential Tremor Seeking Deep Brain Stimulation. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, Published online ahead of print.


First Place ($1,000 award): 

John W. Lace, Alex F. Grant, Phillip Ruppert, David A. S. Kaufman, Carson L. Teague, Kimberly Lowell & Jeffrey D. Gfeller (2019) Detecting noncredible performance with the neuropsychological assessment battery, screening module: A simulation study, The Clinical Neuropsychologist, DOI: 10.1080/13854046.2019.1694703

Runners Up ($500 award):

David P. Sheppard, Anastasia Matchanova, Kelli L. Sullivan, Saniah Ishtiaq Kazimi & Steven Paul Woods (2020) Prospective memory partially mediates the association between aging and everyday functioning, The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 34:4, 755-774, DOI: 10.1080/13854046.2019.1637461

Madison A. Niermeyer & Yana Suchy (2020) Walking, talking, and suppressing: Executive functioning mediates the relationship between higher expressive suppression and slower dual-task walking among older adults, The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 34:4, 775-796, DOI: 10.1080/13854046.2019.1704436


First Place ($1,000 award): Damian Leitner

Leitner, Damian; Miller, Harry; & Libben, Maya (2019). Assessing the Predictive Value of a Neuropsychological Model on Concurrent Function in Acute Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, Vol 33 (5).

Runners Up ($500 award): Erin Trifilio and Daniel van Helvoort

Trifilio, Erin; Tanner, Jared; Butterfield, London; Mangal, Paul; Maye, Jacqueline; Marsiske, Michael; Price, Catherine; & Bowers, Dawn (2019). A Tale of Two Stories: Validity of an Alternative Story Memory Test in a Sample of Older Adults. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, Vol 33.

van Helvoort, Daniel; Merckelbach, Harald; & Merten, Thomas (2019). The Self-Report Symptom Inventory (SRSI) is Sensitive to Instructed Feigning, but not to Genuine Psychopathology in Male Forensic Inpatients: An Initial Study. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, Vol 33.


First Place ($1,000 award): Robert Kanser

Kanser, R., Rapport, L., Bashem, J., & Hanks, R. (2018). Detecting Malingering in Traumatic Brain Injury: Combining Response Time with Performance Validity Test Accuracy. The Clinical Neuropsychologist. Published on line ahead of print.

Runners Up ($500 award): Justin Karr and Dana Rosado

Karr, J., Garcia-Barrera, M., Holdnack, J., & Iverson, G. (2018). Advanced Clinical Interpretation of the Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System: Multivariate Base Rates of Low Scores. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 32 (1), 42-53.

Rosado, D., Buehler, S., Botbol-Berman, E., Feigon, M., Leon, A., Luu, H., Carrion, C., Gonzales, M., Rao, J., Grief, T., Seidenberg, M., & Pliskin, N. (2018). Neuropsychological Feedback Services Improve Quality of Life and Social Adjustment. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 32 (3), 422-435.


First Place ($1,000 award): Elizabeth Gromisch

Gromisch, Elizabeth S.; Zemon, Vance; Holtzer, Roee; Chiaravalloti, Nancy D.; DeLuca, John; Beier, Meghan; Farrell, Eileen; Snyder, Stacey; Schairer, Laura C.; Glukhovsky, Lisa; Botvinick, Jason; Sloan, Jessica; Picone, Mary A.; Kin, Sonya & Foley, Frederick W. (2016). Assessing the criterion validity of four highly abbreviated measures from the Minimal Assessment of Cognitive Function in Multiple Sclerosis (MACFIMS). The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 30(7), 1032

Runners Up ($500 award): Robert Kanser and Paul Ingram

Kanser, Robert J; Rapport, Lisa; Bashem, Jesse R.; Billing, Nia M.; Hanks, Robin A.; Axelrod, Bradley N. & Miller, Justin B. (2017). Strategies of successful and unsuccessful simulators coached to feign traumatic brain injury The Clinical Neuropsychologist31(3), 644–653.

Ingram, Paul B. & Ternes, Michael S. (2016). The detection of content-based invalid responding: a meta-analysis of the MMPI-2-Restructured Form’s (MMPI-2-RF) over-reporting validity scales. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 30(4), 473–496.


First place ($1,000 award): Phillip Martin

Martin, P. K., Schroeder, R. W., & Odland, A. P. (2015). Neuropsychologists’ validity testing beliefs and practices: A survey of North American professionals. The Clinical Neuropsychologist29(6), 741-776.

Runners up ($500 award): David Sheppard and Jacob Lafo

Sheppard, D. P., Woods, S. P., Bondi, M. W., Gilbert, P. E., Massman, P. J., & Doyle, K. L. (2015). Does Older Age Confer an Increased Risk of Incident Neurocognitive Disorders Among Persons Living with HIV Disease?. The Clinical Neuropsychologist29(5), 656-677.

Lafo, J. A., Jones, J. D., Okun, M. S., Bauer, R. M., Price, C. C., & Bowers, D. (2015). Memory Similarities Between Essential Tremor and Parkinson’s Disease: A Final Common Pathway? The Clinical Neuropsychologist29(7), 985-1001.

Student Representative to the AACN Board of Directors

Amanda Wisinger, PhD2023-2024
Tasha Rhoads, PhD2022-2023
Erin Kaseda, PhD2021-2022
Katherine Dorociak, PhD2020-2021
Benjamin Brett, Ph.D.2019-2020
Angelina Polsinelli, Ph.D.2018-2019
Joyce Tam, Ph.D.2017-2018
Seth Margolis, Ph.D.2016-2017
Stephanie Towns, Psy.D.2015-2016
Alissa Butts, Ph.D.2014-2015
Michelle Reinlieb, Ph.D.2013-2014
Amanda Gooding, Ph.D.2012-2013
Leslie Guidotti-Breting, Ph.D.2011-2012

Greiffenstein-Kaplan Student Research Award

Michelle Lobermeier2023
Sofia Lescia2022
Andrew Bryant2021
Erik Ringdahl2019
August Miller Price2018
Leslie Susan Gaynor2017
Donna Murdaugh2016
Julius Burkauskas2015
Taylor Kuhn2014
O.A. Bjorkquist2013
D.J. Bearden2012
Megan Scott2011
Bridget Doane2010
Adriana Seelye2009
Trinity Urban2008
Laura Santerre-Lemon2007
Colleen McCue2006