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Trails-X is a relatively new trail making test of executive functioning (EF)requiring examinees connect alternating circles, with no predetermined path. It has few published findings supporting its use as a test of EF. This study utilized retrospective data from 14 patients to correlate Trails-X with Trails A & B; the Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System (D-KEFS) Tower Test and Design Fluency (DF); Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scales (WAIS) Processing Speed Index (PSI), Matrix Reasoning, and Vocabulary; and the Test of Premorbid Functioning (TOPF). All normally distributed scores were converted to z-scores to allow for direct comparisons. Results found Trails-X Total Matrix was significantly correlated to DF switching (r= 0.71, p= 0.008) and total dots (r= 0.62, p= 0.02). Trails-X total connected circles was correlated to DF switching (r= 0.63, p= 0.018) and WAIS Vocabulary (r= 0.47, p= 0.06). Raw Trails-X completion time significantly correlated to DF total dots (r= -.6, p= 0.025), DF set loss errors (r= .56, p= 0.036), and WAIS PSI (r= -.52, p= 0.027). Trails A & B, DKEFS Tower, WAIS Matrix Reasoning, and TOPF were not significantly correlated. Overall, the results provide evidence for concurrent and divergent validity of Trails-X as a test of EF.

First AuthorCarlos Luis Salazar
Second AuthorRobert Seegmiller
Third AuthorRussell Carroll
Fourth AuthorRichard Sixtos