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The RBANS is a neuropsychological screening battery with demonstrated utility for evaluating patients with epilepsy. This study aimed to evaluate the sensitivity of the RBANS in detecting performance differences in patients with left versus right temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE). Seventy-seven patients with EEG-based diagnosis of left TLE (n=50) or right TLE (n=27) completed the RBANS as part of a comprehensive inpatient evaluation. Mann-Whitney U tests were used to compare group performances across RBANS indexes and subtest raw scores. There were no group differences in age, gender, education, handedness, FSIQ, ethnicity, seizure onset, number of AEDs, and across RBANS indexes (p>0.05). Left TLE patients (mean rank=35) performed at a lower level than right TLE patients (mean rank=46), on List Learning (p<0.05). There was also a trend for group differences in List Recall (p<0.10), such that left TLE patients performed at a lower level than right TLE patients. No additional group differences were found on other subtests. Overall, the RBANS demonstrates some potential utility in differentiating left TLE from right TLE, specifically on measures of list learning. Future studies will need to determine the sensitivity of the RBANS relative to other neuropsychological measures for evaluation of candidates for temporal lobe resection.

First AuthorLisa N. Cruz
Second AuthorMoshe Maiman
Third AuthorVictor A. Del Bene
Fourth AuthorLilian Salinas
Fifth AuthorChris Morrison
Sixth AuthorDeana M. Gazzola
Seventh AuthorWilliam B. Barr