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The Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning- Second Edition (WRAML-2; Sheslow & Adams, 2003) verbal learning subtest assesses a child’s ability to learn, retain, and recall words from a list. To date, no previous studies have investigated potential WRAML-2 embedded performance validity measures (PVTs). In the current study, community recruited children and adolescents [N= 66, Mage= 10.54 (2.80), age range 7.10 to 16.11 years] completed the WRAML-2 as part of a neuropsychological evaluation for research purposes. Community recruited children without a prior clinical diagnosis were matched into a control (n =23) or simulation (n = 20) group and those with prior psychological diagnoses comprised the clinical (n = 23) group. A novel WRAML-2 Verbal Learning Forced Choice task was created, based upon a similar task created for the CVLT-C (Lichtenstein, Erdodi, & Linnea, 2017). Receiver Operating Curve (ROC) analyses demonstrated acceptable differentiation between the simulation and control [Area Under the Curve (AUC)=.74] and simulation and clinical (AUC=.74). Sensitivity and specificity analyses revealed adequate sensitivity and high specificity (control SN=.5, SP=.95; clinical SN=.5, SP=1.00). The WRAML-2 Verbal Learning Forced Choice recognition task is promising and warrants more research as a potential embedded PVT.

First AuthorMary U Simons
Second AuthorElisabeth M Vogt
Third AuthorKatie A Ritchie
Fourth AuthorDavid E Marra
Fifth AuthorMorgan E Nitta
Sixth AuthorJames B Hoelzle