Poster Abstracts


The senior author developed a 10-item forced choice recognition (FCR) trial for the Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status’ (RBANS) picture naming subtest. The purpose of the current study was to explore the utility of the new FCR trial as a performance validity test (PVT) in a clinical sample of older adults. The picture naming FCR trial was administered to 48 outpatients (mean age=70.02; SD=9.60) after the completion of the core RBANS subtests. None of the patients had external incentives to invalidate testing. Based on diagnosis, patients were classified as having a major neurocognitive disorder (46% of the sample), a mild neurocognitive disorder (27% of the sample), or an ‘other diagnosis’ (27% of the sample) that was most commonly a psychiatric diagnosis. All individuals in the mild neurocognitive disorder and other diagnosis groups produced a perfect FCR score of 10/10, which indicates a high specificity rate in these clinical samples. A cutoff score of 8/10 maintained 90% specificity in the major neurocognitive disorder group. These results suggest there is potential for the picture naming FCR trial to serve as a useful measure for identifying valid neuropsychological profiles across older patients evaluated for memory dysfunction.

First AuthorKameron Sheikh
Second AuthorShannon B. Lavigne
Third AuthorPhillip K. Martin
Fourth AuthorRyan W. Schroeder