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Breast feeding is associated with higher cognitive abilities in childhood. Current study investigates effects of infant diet (breastfed;BF, cows milk-based;MF, soy protein-based formulas;SF) on visual-motor functions in longitudinal cohort on the GPT (all time-points), NEPSY visual-motor subtests (ages-3/4), and RIAS (age-4). Linear mixed-effect models were constructed to control for covariates. Breastfed had significantly higher composite IQ compared to SF and higher nonverbal IQ compared to both MF/SF (p<.05). Females exhibited significantly higher performance on all NEPSY subtests administered (p<.01) but there were no significant differences between feeding groups on NEPSY.

First AuthorSeth Thomas Sorensen
Second AuthorMccorkle Ginger
Third AuthorJayne Bellando
Fourth AuthorAline Andres