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The Symbol Digit Modalities Test (SDMT) is a commonly used test to evaluate an individual’s attention and processing speed. We examined the effects of traumatic brain injury (TBI) on the SDMT in a Latinx sample. The sample consisted of 22 persons with moderate-to-severe TBI and 24 healthy comparison participants. Independent sample T-tests were used to determine the effect of TBI on SDMT written and oral performance. Persons with TBI were tested 6 months or more post-injury. All participants passed performance validity testing. We found that the healthy comparison group outperformed the TBI group on SDMT written task, p<.05, ηp²=.30. No differences between groups were found on the SDMT oral task. As expected, the TBI group performed worse than healthy comparison participants on the SDMT written task. To the authors’ knowledge, this the first study to examine the effects of TBI on the SDMT task using only a Latinx sample. Our findings suggest better SDMT oral performance recovery in our Latinx TBI sample. Future studies with larger sample sizes should consider variables (e.g., bilingualism) if it impacts SDMT written performance compared to SDMT oral performance.

First AuthorJasman Sidhu
Second AuthorDaniel W. Lopez-Hernandez
Third AuthorRachel A. Rugh-Fraser
Fourth AuthorIsabel D. Munoz
Fifth AuthorKrissy E. Smith
Sixth AuthorDavid J. Hardy
Seventh AuthorPavel Y. Litvin
Eighth AuthorEllen Woo
Ninth AuthorMatthew J. Wright