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We examined the relationship between mood and education on the Cordoba Naming Test (CNT) performance. The sample was divided into three groups: 50 low education (10> years), 85 medium education (11-15 years), and 127 high education (16-20 years) Mexican participants residing in Mexico (MRM). The Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale was used to evaluate mood (i.e., anxiety, depression). A series of ANCOVAs were used to evaluate CNT performance and mood between education groups, while Pearson’s correlations evaluated the influence of mood and education in CNT performance. We found the medium and high education groups outperformed the low education group on the CNT, p< .05, ηp²=.07. The low education group reported higher levels of depression compared to the high education group, p< .05, ηp²=.06. Furthermore, the medium education group reported higher levels of anxiety compared to the high education group, p< .05, ηp²=.04. Pearson’s correlations revealed that the medium education group mood correlated with CNT performance, r’s=-.24 to -.27, p’s<.05. Our data suggests that lower education impacts CNT performance, but mood isn't correlated with their performance like in the medium education group. Future studies should evaluate other factors that may influence CNT performance in MRM.

First AuthorJorge Jimenez Ortiz
Second AuthorRaymundo Cervantes
Third AuthorIsabel D. Munoz
Fourth AuthorKrissy E. Smith
Fifth AuthorAndrea Rodriguez Preciado
Sixth AuthorDiana Palacios
Seventh AuthorDavid J. Hardy
Eighth AuthorAlberto L. Fernandez
Ninth AuthorDaniel W. Lopez-Hernandez