Sponsor Virtual Booth Items Submission

Sponsor Virtual Booth Items Submission

Lobby Level: entrance level to hotel where guest registration and lobby are located.

Meeting Room Level (show map): one floor below Lobby Level, one floor above Ballroom Level.

Ballroom Level (show map): two floors below Lobby Level, one floor below Meeting Level.

Welcome, sponsors!

  • Please submit online materials using the below form.
  • All video ads should be in a video file format, such as mp4. They should be no longer than 2 minutes each. The video ads will be interspersed throughout the recorded talks. If you have a sponsorship package that includes more than one ad, but only would like to submit one video, then that video will be included in at a rate consistent with your sponsorship package. For instance, if you are a platinum sponsor (which includes 3 ads) and only submit one video ad, that ad will still play before 3 recorded talks.
  • For those with packages that include a banner ad on the conference home page, please use the following broad specifications.
    • Avoid using too much text. Doing so will make your banner hard to read on mobile devices. Instead, use colors and graphics to attract clicks that will lead visitors to your website where more information may be provided.
    • Banners must be static without animation. Banners should be no wider than 720 px and no taller than 180 px. Most banners are 720 x 90.
  • Each virtual booth can include up to 5 items. You may view sample booths from last year’s conference here.

Sponsorship Level(Required)
Please check all that apply.
Please upload items for your virtual booth. A virtual booth may include a maximum of five items: links, flyers, banners, and short video clips.
You can see examples of virtual booths from some previous conferences - https://theaacn.org/conference-2023/virtual-booth-examples/.
Type of Item Actions
Our advanced design team will be solely responsible for constructing the virtual booth from materials that you submit. In our design team's sole discretion, this may involve resizing, editing, or rearranging items to optimize their layout and ensure maximal coherence with other content on the page. In some cases, we may opt to return items to you for editing or replacement. However, please feel free to list any preferences or other notes in the below space.