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We are pleased to offer the same rates for conference registration that we offered in 2019! That’s zero inflation, folks. 😀
Conference Registration FeesEarly
(on or before 3/15/24)
(3/16/24 – 5/31/24)
(on or after 6/1/24)
AACN Active or Senior Member$475$500$525
AACN Non-Certified Affiliate$500$525$550
AACN Non-Certified Affiliate Psychometrist1$175$200$225
AACN Student Member$175$200$225
Non-AACN Member/Affiliate$550$575$600
1AACN non-certified affiliates who are employed full-time as psychometrists and provide documentation before registering may receive a discounted rate. Click here to apply for this discounted rate.

AACN Conference 2024 Registration

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