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We evaluated the classification statistics of the Clinical Assessment of Attention Deficit – Adult (CAT-A) Negative Impression (NI) scale relative to the MMPI-2-RF in 108 active duty military service members consecutively referred for clinical ADHD evaluations. Cases with missing data and failures of MMPI-2-RF response consistency scales were removed, resulting in a final sample of 95. Average age was 32.62 (SD=8.87) and average education was 14.66 (SD=2.66). MMPI-2-RF symptom validity scales (F-r, Fp-r, Fs, FBS-r, and RBS) were employed as criterion measures at all standard cut-offs. ROC analyses for the MMPI-2-RF symptom validity scales ranged from .599 to .808, with the RBS scale >79 demonstrating the lowest AUC (.599; p < 0.099). The highest AUC (.808, p < 0.006) was for F-r = 120, with an optimal NI cut score of >52. With specificity held at or above .90, sensitivities ranged from 22.86 to 60.00, with positive and negative predictive values ranging from 11.1 to 58.8 and 66.7 to 98.8, respectively. The CAT-A NI scale demonstrated reasonable AUC values for nearly all MMPI-2-RF over-reporting scales. The optimal cut in the current data (>52) is slightly higher than the cut score for atypical responses in the CAT-A manual (>45).

First AuthorChad E. Grills
Second AuthorDouglas B. Cooper
Third AuthorJennifer M. Yamashita
Fourth AuthorPatrick Armistead-Jehle