Introduction – Karen Postal

Dear Academy,

In 2015, I had the opportunity to tour MIT’s Lab Central and Harvard’s Innovation Lab.  In the heart of the Cambridge biotech innovation district, both facilities are built on the concept of tearing down traditional academic silos to create spaces where interdisciplinary teams create disruptive innovations that push the boundaries of tech and medicine.

As I toured these centers of innovation, I wondered, is Neuropsychology a consumer of tech and biotech innovation or, with our knowledge of neuroscience, measurement, and human psychology are we positioning ourselves to be producers– participating in and leading this edge of innovation?

With this question in mind, the AACN Board of Directors has approved the Disruptive Technology Initiative, with a goal of getting the conversation started within our academy about breaking down traditional silos in our education models so the next generation of neuropsychologists embraces engineering, coding, and biotech.  The conversation is also about re-imagining our current set of 19th century assessment tools, to include assessment through big data and the internet of everyday things, and envisioning ourselves informing rather than reacting to technology innovations in medicine.

I am delighted to announce that Dr. Bob Bilder will chair this initiative, and lead AACN’s first Disruptive Technology Pitch Contest, showcasing innovative ideas at the 2017 Conference. The other members of the Disruptive Technology Initiative are Dean Beebe, Michelle Braun, Darcy Cox, Dan Drane, and me.

We welcome ideas and suggestions for the initiative!

Karen Postal
AACN President (2016-2018)