Huntington Study Group’s Neuropsychology Working Group Position on Best Practice Recommendations for the Clinical Neuropsychological Evaluation of Patients with Huntington Disease

1. Explain rationale for neuropsychological evaluation as an essential component for clinical diagnosis of suspected cognitive-phenotype HD manifest diagnosis.

2. Describe NPWG’s recommended protocol for neuropsychological evaluation of non-motor manifestations of Huntington disease.

Ciaran M. Considine, M. Agustina Rossetti, Kendra Anderson, Victor A. Del Bene, Sharlet A. Anderson, Andrea S. Celka, Mary C. Edmondson, Amelia L. Nelson Sheese, Adam Piccolino, Antonio L. Teixeira & Julie C. Stout (2023) Huntington study group’s neuropsychology working group position on best practice recommendations for the clinical neuropsychological evaluation of patients with Huntington disease, The Clinical Neuropsychologist, DOI: 10.1080/13854046.2023.2267789

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