Student Workshop Series

At the 2018 AACN Annual Conference in San Diego, the Student Forum became the Student Workshop Series. This was a new and exciting opportunity to have 3 hours of a student focused workshop! The 2018 Student Workshop Series included:

  1. A presentation by Dr. Whiteside on the PAI entitled: “An Overview of the Personality Assessment Inventory in Neuropsychology
  2. A professional development talk: “Money Matters and Student Debt
  3. Presentations from this year’s TCN Student Project Competition Winners (pictured below)

Information from Past Student Forums

At the AACN conference in Boston (2017), Drs. Erica Dawson, Brandon Baughman, Amanda Gooding, and current APPCN President, Amy Heffelfinger participated in a panel discussion regarding “Mentorship.”

We plan on enhancing the Student Forum in San Diego in 2018!  The 2018 Student Forum will expand into a student forum series, with an hour-long early bird session each day of the conference. The topics will include 1. Professional Development, 2. Research, 3. Grand Rounds. Please check back later for more information and how you can get involved!

At the AACN Conference in Chicago (2016), Drs. Baughman, Beebe, Pliskin, and Whiteside moderated a panel discussion on “The Road to Board Certification.”

At the AACN Conference in San Francisco in 2015, Dr. Mark Barisa discussed starting and maintaining a clinical practice in the era of changing health care law with a presentation entitled, “Implications of Healthcare Policy Changes and Reform: Why Didn’t They Teach Me This In School?”