Presenter Information

Presenter Information


  • All deliverables are due no later than April 15, 2023.
  • Deliverables include your complete recorded presentation using an AACN provided Zoom account in which you recorded to the cloud, as well as your presentation handouts.
  • Presentation handouts should be in color with three slides per page and room for notes.
  • The needed lengths for recorded presentations are as follows: 153 - 180 minutes for 3 CE workshops, 76.5 - 90 minutes for 1.5 CE workshops, and 51 - 60 minutes for 1 CE workshops. Unlike the in-person version of the presentation you will deliver in June, recorded workshops do not have Q&A or scheduled breaks unless you specifically build a Q&A section into your presentation.

Either approach is fine. The best approach will depend partly on logistics and partly on presenter preferences. 

Logistically, it may be hard to get all presenters together at the same time if they are in different time zones. On the other hand, getting everyone together at once also facilitates practice and may make it easier to ensure that each part is done as intended.

From a presentation flow point of view, it will look fine for each presenter to record his/her portion individually. We will merge the videos post hoc in the order that you prefer. On the other hand, some presenter groups may want to interact during the recording (e.g., ask one another questions or discuss different points of view). For presentations envisioned in a more interactive style, having everyone record together as a group will be most conducive toward that end.

No, it is optional. You may use whatever background you want. We simply wanted to have one available for those wanting to use the conference theme.

Yes, but this only works if you use a second screen (which functions in a manner like a projector would at an in-person conference). For example, the following setup would be ideal.

1. Connect your laptop to an external monitor. Use your laptop’s screen as your primary one with the presentation in presenter view. You will be able to look at your notes that way while looking at your laptop’s webcam, which will make it seem like you’re talking to the audience. 
2. Use the external monitor for the slide show (non-presenter view). When you’re ready to record in Zoom, share your screen and select the window being shown in the external monitor.
Or, if you’re using a desktop, you could do the same thing but would need to be connected to two monitors (since the desktop won’t have a built-in one unless it is an all-in-one model, such as an iMac). Be sure to place your webcam on the monitor showing your slides in presenter view so that your gaze will be directed toward the audience.

All workshops should be recorded as described in the Instructions for Recording in Zoom. It is not necessary to add breaks since the presenters may pause the recording if they need a break, and the viewers may do the same thing.

  • Workshops for 3 CE credits should be three hours in length. 
  • Workshops for 1.5 CE credits should be 90 minutes in length.
  • Workshops for 1 CE credit should be 60 minutes in length.

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      Necessary Notes

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      2. If any minor editing is required, such as trimming at the beginning or end, please indicate the specific start and stop times plus the file name.

      3. If you are submitting more than one handout, please specify the exact order in which they should be merged.

      We need this information for your workshop/session to be considered finalized. Thank you!

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